What are Soap Nuts?

What are Soap Nuts and where do they come from?

nut image

For the record, Soapnuts aren’t really nuts – they’re actually fruit from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree native to India, China, Southern Asia, and parts of north and central America. The one most widely used for its detergent is known simply as the Soap Nut Tree or Chinese Soapberry. The shells contain a substance called saponin, usually present in quantities of around 10-15%. Saponin dissolves in water to form suds and can dissolve fats and oils and help to lift grime.


Saponin is a 100% natural alternative to chemical laundry detergent and cleansers. Your everyday laundry detergents contain a combination of many toxic chemicals, the residues of which are left behind on your clothes after washing. These chemicals are absorbed by your skin into your blood stream and also evaporate into the air, which you and your children breathe. Both, the manufacturing process of the chemical detergents and their use, have a long term effect on the environment.